Some of the best writing tips I’ve ever received.

Everyone has their own process for creating their art, and writing especially seems to have a meriad of best practices that writers swear by. I’ve tried numerous techniques, and here are a few tricks that have helped me, and hopefully are helpful to other writers out there.

1. Notebook 

Inspiration strikes at random moments, and sometimes just saying “I’m never going to forget that!” Is a guarantee to for get your genius moment. Carry a notebook, and be ready to jot down your quick thoughts and inspirations.

2. Make a “production bible”

Okay, this came from reading a book on how to write screenplays for tv series, but I love it. Keep all your research, timelines,  character bios, and anything else you will reference for you novel in one organized, and easy to flip to location. I’m working on a science fiction novel now, and using this trick has saved a lot of time during writing.

3. Visuals.

Photographs, sketches, even stick figure drawings. Keep visuals with your descriptions and timelines. Why does it help? Two reasons. One it’s faster to look at an image than read a paragraph. And two, if you are anything like me, when describing a physical trait or characteristic, you might be tempted to use the same words repeatedly, especially if it’s what you put in your notes. When I look a a visual, I’m more inclined to think of different ways to describe the image.

4. Microsoft Word 

I’m busy.

Two words that can accurately describe nearly every aspiring writer. It is a fact that life happens and sometimes life gets in the way of writing. The single most helpful thing I have that helps me keep writing is the Microsoft Word app. The new version of Microsoft Word has a Cloud with it. Let me tell you why this is great for writing. The Cloud allows you to access files from multiple devices and if you download the Word app, you can add to those files from your phone.

Now, I’m not the most tech savvy woman out there, so I did have some snags with this originally. Fortunately, I came up with a method that works for me. When writing, I have my main file, and my mobile file. My mobile file is what I download to my phone and use on the go. Usually it gets no more than 1-10 pages long before I get home, save the file back to the Cloud and cut and paste what I’ve written into the main file. This is fantastic, because now I can write a scene while waiting for friends, or standing in line at the grocery store, or anywhere else I can find a spare minute or 10.

What writing tips have you come across that have been helpful to you? Let me know in the comments and have a fabulous day.


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