Review of the Accidental Hero Series



I may have mentioned before, and anyone who knows me in the real world certainly knows, I love to read. I read every day. I read non-fiction, fiction, novels, short stories, even the occasional flash fiction. But what I don’t do as often as I should is share the amazing things I read, so for today’s blog post, I give you a series review.

The Accidental Hero Series

I remember when I first saw Accidental Hero. I was on a lunch break, bored out of my mind and browsing the book section at some grocery store, so small crappy selection. I picked it up and read the back.

YA book about comic books being based on real things? Why not I’m bored.

Yeah. It was actually, pretty amazing.

Let me break it down for you and heads up there are spoilers ahead.

This book is about an orphan living a crappy, horrible life with no support system, no friends, and no one who cares about him. He goes to a fantastic place where he just wants to learn about his family. He finds friends, he loses a friend, and in the end is adored by all.


He learns he is capable of committing the worst acts of violence. He learns what will push him to that point and he is terrified that this possibility, this violence is unavoidable.


And enter The Secret War.

Loved by all and desperate to avoid his future he lies, he conceals and deceived. By the end he has alienated his friends, and his adoring fans have turned on him, seeing him for the deceptive teen he has become. Events are set into motion and he is captured by the enemy, primed and ready to fall to his inevitable fate.

He realizes he has a choice and his future will be what he decides.


So begins The End of Infinity

For the sake of ensuring you read this series. This is where I leave you. With a link and the understanding that this series is one of the most engaging fantasies I have read that truly defines the strength and determination of the human spirit. In a format children will enjoy.

The promised link


2 thoughts on “Review of the Accidental Hero Series

  1. I know what you mean about stumbling upon a great book or series. I’ve just devoured Shelley Wilson’s Guardians series. It’s YA fiction. I am 41.
    Never read this sort of stuff before but I was hooked. I need to review her series too… now I know what I’ll be doing tonight!


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