Review of The Lunar Chronicles

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I’ll admit, when I saw the cover for Cinder, I was interested.

I have always loved retellings of fairy tales. So when I saw a story about a cyborg Cinderella, it was purchased immediately. I may have even started reading it in the parking lot while sipping on an Orange Julius.

Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella, but it’s also the first book in a series. It’s not enough for her to contend with a cruel stepmother and vicious step sister, but this retelling has an evil queen from the moon colony who wants to marry prince charming (or in this case, an emperor) and an epidemic that has spread across the  entire planet.

Each book focuses on part of the fight against the Lunar Queen, and each is a fairy tale retelling

The retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, with genetically engineered human / wolf hybrids and a sassy independent heroine. Also in this story, the continuation of Cinder’s adventures.

The retelling of Rapunzel, only the princess in the tower is a lonely, slightly crazy girl locked in a satellite. The ‘prince’ is a charming, and stoutly reliant on dumb luck, criminal that Cinder has been stuck with for the entire previous book.

Fairest is a little different. the author takes a step back and writes a prequel, from the point of view of the Lunar Queen. It shows the journey she took, the choices she made, to become the cruel ruler she is in the other 4 books. My personal favorite way to enjoy this book is to listen to the audio version.

The final book is a retelling of Snow White. Winter, the titular character, is a little crazy, her guard is a lot cranky, and once again I encourage you to read the series.


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