It’s a Small World 

I love Disney, and am an avid fan of Disneyland. I love the performances, particularly the Mickey’s Magical Lamp, that’s definitely my favorite, and I love the rides. That being said, I will confess, I am not an avid fan of it’s a small world. Frankly, the song is annoying. 

I would however, recommend that any family go on this ride at least once. Members of my family love this ride, and I’ll confess, there is one fun game you can play on this ride. (That won’t get you kicked out.)

The ride is a slow moving boat ride that follows a path through different rooms that have dolls representing different countries.

One several of these countries are dolls dressed like various Disney characters.

If you have kids, encourage them to try to find as many of the characters as they can on this ride. It does make the ride more fun, and a little more engaging for your group.

What’s your favorite It’s a Small World doll?


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