Tips and Tricks for a Disney Vacation


I love going to the Disneyland Resort in California. The rides are for the most part not super intense. Most are dark rides that take you through different settings and scenes from Disney movies. Although some, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, were dark rides first and movies after.

There are a lot of awesome things to see and do in the parks, but here are some things I’ve learned that might help others plan for their trips.

There are lines to everything, lines to get in the park, lines to get on rides, and lines to shows.  But, the cast members (what the employees are called) are very good at keeping the lines moving, and the que areas are designed to be part of the line, with a lot of hidden details that are fun to find. Seriously, my favorites are the que lines at the Indiana Jones ride and the Jungle cruise. IMG_1336

If looking at the scenery isn’t really your thing, bring something that can keep you occupies for about 40 min of slow walking, because unless the ride stops, the line keeps moving.  I personally bring a camera, and a tablet with a few books downloaded on it.

For a full day in the parks, I carry a lot of stuff, usually in a backpack. I carry a camera, my phone, my tablet, a sweater, sun screen, and a water bottle. The backpack is not an issue, they allow them on every ride and even ‘intense’ rides have a place for a bag. However, the rides shake, the cars tilt, and the stuff can fly out. I’ve lost a few things before getting a backpack that zips closed and learned to keep everything in the sealed portion or firmly attached to the bag.


Speaking of water bottle, here’s a trick. Bring a 32 ounce water bottle. You can request a large water at the quick service restaurants and it’s free. It will fit perfectly in a 32 ounce water bottle. It’s perfect for hot days, and way better than the drink fountains, which I would not recommend unless you like lukewarm city water.

I’ll post more tips and tricks in future posts, but what are your favorite little hacks to make theme park trips more enjoyable?


4 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for a Disney Vacation

  1. My husband always gets the speed pass when he goes to theme parks so he can cut down on the standing in line. Even that is too much for me. I start to get really antsy and nervous standing with herds of other people, so I’m not really a theme-park person. He loves them, though! Great tips – especially about the water.


  2. Thanks for your tips and tricks for a Disney vacation. I am always amazed at how well Disneyland is runned and maintained. It’s so clean and well managed for a theme park that welcome so many visits per day. It’s nice to know that the rides have a place for the backpacks and the tip on the water bottles. It sure does get hot out there in the California sun!


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