Review of Power Rangers (2017)


Okay, so this review comes with a story. Anyone who watches Power Rangers, at least the ’90’s version, either loves it or sees only over the top acting, yelling, play-fighting, and villains that talk, yet their mouths don’t sync with the words.

In other words, I loved it when I was six, and then ignored or forgot about it.

When I saw the first poster for it, hung in a back hallway of an over sized movie theater, I jokingly turned to my friend and said we should go see it.

She thought I was a nut.

When I saw the first trailer for the show, for the first half of it, I was excited because I thought it was a reboot of the Breakfast Club.

Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed when I realized it wasn’t.

Then, I showed the trailer to Friend 1.

And she really wanted to see it.

Time passes, I go to the Lego Batman Movie with a different friend and her son. When the Power Rangers trailer came on, I turned to my friend.

“The first time I saw this, I thought it was a Breakfast Club remake.”

“You mean it’s not!?!!”

Snickers of the man behind us… guess we were a little loud.


Fast forward to a week before the Power Rangers movie comes out, and another trailer comes out.

And another conversation ensued.

Me: “There’s another trailer for that Power Rangers movie. It’s pretty funny there’s a kid driving a transformers-looking dog, crashing it.”

Friend 1: “Zord?”

Me: “I don’t know what that is.”

Friend 1: “The dinosaur robots on Power Rangers are called Zords.”

Me: “…… I thought you never watched that show?”

Friend 1: “I haven’t.”

I still can’t get her to admit she used to watch the original show.

Finally, the day before I went to the movie, I did what I always do when going to a remake/ reboot / sequel, and watched the original. In this case, I watched the first episode of the original series on Netflix.


Image result for original mighty morphin power rangers

It was awful. The costumed villains were obnoxious, and the bad voice overs were really distracting. I didn’t even want to see the movie, but I had already purchased the tickets.

As much as I wanted to hate the movie, from the first scene I was interested.

The next scene was absurd, hilarious, and very high school. Car chases (in the movie there are two) are filmed more chaotically than what’s I’ve seen, with the camera taking the view of a backseat passenger, watching the driver, and looking out different windows at what’s going on outside the car. It was jarring, but interesting, and different.

Most of the movie is character development, leading up to one huge climatic battle, so if you go hoping for non-stop chaos, keep in mind that its over an hour before you see a power ranger costume. Instead, go for the comedy.

Every one of the kids has something in their life that they have to come to terms with in the movie. Two lost parents, one is dealing with her family’s intolerance of her sexual orientation, one destroys his perfect future with a car accident. But the best was Kim’s. And once again I won’t give it away.



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