I read a news article recently about abused and abandoned dogs, and I liked a pet rescue group on Facebook that always seems to post about repeat foster dogs that are abandoned by multiple owners, and those stories prompted me to post about my own rescue.

To start, the story of why I adopted a second dog.

I have always adopted rescues, and I had adopted a puggle a few years ago. When I moved from my apartment complex, where she had lots of friends, to a house where she was afraid of the neighbor dogs, I considered getting a second pet.

I brought her with me to several adoption events, but she was afraid of all of the dogs at the adoption events and the  frdogs at the pound were afraid of her.  I did not want to get a dog that would fight with my current one, and she had a history of being mean to dogs she didn’t like. Although, until I took her to these adoption events, she got along with most dogs.

Finally, I went to one a few minutes before they were going to pack up for the day. It was an adoption event in a PetSmart, where the rescue group comes for a Saturday and  brings a few of the foster dogs.

When I walked in, the cashier asked if I was there to see the puppies. I was surprised when I walked to the back and found that they weren’t six month old  puppies starting to outgrow their baby cuteness into their adult cuteness, they were babies. I didn’t give them more than a glance, instead focused on a pit mix that was a little older.

As I read her information sheet, my dog started tugging on her leash. I glanced at her, to see what she was trying to get into, and found that she had shoved her face against a crate I had not initially noticed, on the other side of the puppies. I walked over to her and found a puppy separated from her siblings. The volunteer explained that she had recovered from her injuries, but her siblings had not and she was a little too energetic to be with them. She didn’t look energetic as my puggle licked her face, but she looked relieved to get the attention. As I spoke with the volunteer, her siblings were adopted, but no one even looked at her.

I learned that these tiny puppies were rescues. The owner of the mother dog called animal control and requested that they be picked up when they were approximately six weeks old. animal control contact the rescue group who took care of the puppies until they could eat exclusively solid food and adequately recovered from their injuries.

I didn’t intend to adopt a puppy, but my dog seemed attached, the puppy liked my dog, and that story broke my heart. So rather than getting an adult dog, which was my intent, I adopted a puppy.


Now, puppies are super cute, but here’s what I learned about a puppy vs a grown dog. Puppies don’t always like their owners immediately. I can say with total confidence that the puppy loved my dog and tolerated me. I had never had a puppy so young, and for the first couple of months, she didn’t sleep through the night.

This is when I learned something that blew my mind. I had always viewed crate training as something that might be needed, but was a little mean, and only to be used when absolutely necessary. It only took a few nights for the puppy to learn she would go into her crate every night, and if she cried (She never has been much of a barker) she would be let out….immediately to go outside. When she did her business or didn’t and just wanted back in, she would go back in the crate. We would repeat this all night. Soon she only cried to be let out for potty, then when she was older and could sleep through the night, she developed a little yelp that let me know she wanted out for the morning. By then, she preferred her crate to sleeping anywhere else. During the day, her crate is left open and she goes in there to sleep, or hide. At night, she will find someone to close the crate door. But for those considering the crate, know that possibly the only reason she likes the crate is due to the fact that she is never locked in there when no one is home and she knows she can get out.


She sometimes takes toys with her


She also views her crate as her space, and hides things in there, mostly things she steals from people in the house, like shoes. She gets upset when I go in her crate to clean it out or switch the bedding.


As she grew, she learned. She learned the basic commands and behaviors, and fully developed her own personality. She eventually grew attached to me, after I earned her trust, and she has a tendency to love nearly everyone she meets.

She loves to play


And due to an accident, has grown to tolerate the vet office and even like some of the techs.


She has personality, preferences, and things she doesn’t like. She still thinks she’s a lap dog, and loves to play in water.


I guess the point of this post is this:

If you want a dog, they are fantastic animals. They are loyal, playful, and adorable.

If you want a dog understand this: They have to be taught and positive reinforcement is better than punishing them. Dogs don’t always understand how the punishment connects to the behavior, if they realize they were punished for a behavior. If you punish a dog for peeing in the house, he might just hide where he pees.

If you want a dog understand this: The tiny puppy stage only lasts for as long as the can’t sleep through the night phase. If you want a puppy only because of how cute it is, Google the full grown version of the breed. Adult dogs are still super cute and loving, but a lot of dogs are surrendered to rescue groups and shelters because they aren’t puppy cute anymore.

If you want a dog understand this: That dog loves you. when you hurt them, it’s like when a loved one hurts you. Have patience, have compassion.

If you want a dog understand this: you will have a loving, loyal companion, someone who is always excited to see you (seriously, I get the same super excited greeting from my dogs when I come home from a long day at work as I do coming in from taking out the trash) Someone who loves to learn new games, and will always cheer you up.

Please, research before you decide to adopt, recognize the commitment you are making, and understand that dogs are not objects, they are living creatures who don’t deserve abuse.












It’s a Small World 

I love Disney, and am an avid fan of Disneyland. I love the performances, particularly the Mickey’s Magical Lamp, that’s definitely my favorite, and I love the rides. That being said, I will confess, I am not an avid fan of it’s a small world. Frankly, the song is annoying. 

I would however, recommend that any family go on this ride at least once. Members of my family love this ride, and I’ll confess, there is one fun game you can play on this ride. (That won’t get you kicked out.)

The ride is a slow moving boat ride that follows a path through different rooms that have dolls representing different countries.

One several of these countries are dolls dressed like various Disney characters.

If you have kids, encourage them to try to find as many of the characters as they can on this ride. It does make the ride more fun, and a little more engaging for your group.

What’s your favorite It’s a Small World doll?

Review of The Lunar Chronicles

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I’ll admit, when I saw the cover for Cinder, I was interested.

I have always loved retellings of fairy tales. So when I saw a story about a cyborg Cinderella, it was purchased immediately. I may have even started reading it in the parking lot while sipping on an Orange Julius.

Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella, but it’s also the first book in a series. It’s not enough for her to contend with a cruel stepmother and vicious step sister, but this retelling has an evil queen from the moon colony who wants to marry prince charming (or in this case, an emperor) and an epidemic that has spread across the  entire planet.

Each book focuses on part of the fight against the Lunar Queen, and each is a fairy tale retelling

The retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, with genetically engineered human / wolf hybrids and a sassy independent heroine. Also in this story, the continuation of Cinder’s adventures.

The retelling of Rapunzel, only the princess in the tower is a lonely, slightly crazy girl locked in a satellite. The ‘prince’ is a charming, and stoutly reliant on dumb luck, criminal that Cinder has been stuck with for the entire previous book.

Fairest is a little different. the author takes a step back and writes a prequel, from the point of view of the Lunar Queen. It shows the journey she took, the choices she made, to become the cruel ruler she is in the other 4 books. My personal favorite way to enjoy this book is to listen to the audio version.

The final book is a retelling of Snow White. Winter, the titular character, is a little crazy, her guard is a lot cranky, and once again I encourage you to read the series.

Review of the Accidental Hero Series



I may have mentioned before, and anyone who knows me in the real world certainly knows, I love to read. I read every day. I read non-fiction, fiction, novels, short stories, even the occasional flash fiction. But what I don’t do as often as I should is share the amazing things I read, so for today’s blog post, I give you a series review.

The Accidental Hero Series

I remember when I first saw Accidental Hero. I was on a lunch break, bored out of my mind and browsing the book section at some grocery store, so small crappy selection. I picked it up and read the back.

YA book about comic books being based on real things? Why not I’m bored.

Yeah. It was actually, pretty amazing.

Let me break it down for you and heads up there are spoilers ahead.

This book is about an orphan living a crappy, horrible life with no support system, no friends, and no one who cares about him. He goes to a fantastic place where he just wants to learn about his family. He finds friends, he loses a friend, and in the end is adored by all.


He learns he is capable of committing the worst acts of violence. He learns what will push him to that point and he is terrified that this possibility, this violence is unavoidable.


And enter The Secret War.

Loved by all and desperate to avoid his future he lies, he conceals and deceived. By the end he has alienated his friends, and his adoring fans have turned on him, seeing him for the deceptive teen he has become. Events are set into motion and he is captured by the enemy, primed and ready to fall to his inevitable fate.

He realizes he has a choice and his future will be what he decides.


So begins The End of Infinity

For the sake of ensuring you read this series. This is where I leave you. With a link and the understanding that this series is one of the most engaging fantasies I have read that truly defines the strength and determination of the human spirit. In a format children will enjoy.

The promised link

Some of the best writing tips I’ve ever received.

Everyone has their own process for creating their art, and writing especially seems to have a meriad of best practices that writers swear by. I’ve tried numerous techniques, and here are a few tricks that have helped me, and hopefully are helpful to other writers out there.

1. Notebook 

Inspiration strikes at random moments, and sometimes just saying “I’m never going to forget that!” Is a guarantee to for get your genius moment. Carry a notebook, and be ready to jot down your quick thoughts and inspirations.

2. Make a “production bible”

Okay, this came from reading a book on how to write screenplays for tv series, but I love it. Keep all your research, timelines,  character bios, and anything else you will reference for you novel in one organized, and easy to flip to location. I’m working on a science fiction novel now, and using this trick has saved a lot of time during writing.

3. Visuals.

Photographs, sketches, even stick figure drawings. Keep visuals with your descriptions and timelines. Why does it help? Two reasons. One it’s faster to look at an image than read a paragraph. And two, if you are anything like me, when describing a physical trait or characteristic, you might be tempted to use the same words repeatedly, especially if it’s what you put in your notes. When I look a a visual, I’m more inclined to think of different ways to describe the image.

4. Microsoft Word 

I’m busy.

Two words that can accurately describe nearly every aspiring writer. It is a fact that life happens and sometimes life gets in the way of writing. The single most helpful thing I have that helps me keep writing is the Microsoft Word app. The new version of Microsoft Word has a Cloud with it. Let me tell you why this is great for writing. The Cloud allows you to access files from multiple devices and if you download the Word app, you can add to those files from your phone.

Now, I’m not the most tech savvy woman out there, so I did have some snags with this originally. Fortunately, I came up with a method that works for me. When writing, I have my main file, and my mobile file. My mobile file is what I download to my phone and use on the go. Usually it gets no more than 1-10 pages long before I get home, save the file back to the Cloud and cut and paste what I’ve written into the main file. This is fantastic, because now I can write a scene while waiting for friends, or standing in line at the grocery store, or anywhere else I can find a spare minute or 10.

What writing tips have you come across that have been helpful to you? Let me know in the comments and have a fabulous day.

Welcome All! :P


A simple salutation, and yet so much more.

Hello is also a request, a solicitation for conversation.

Hello is acknowledging others, a greeting.

Hello is stating that the introvert is ready to communicate.



When I can’t think of anything to say I say hello.

For anyone still reading this late night goofball post. Thank you and Hello.

I’m MystAngel, a writer by passion, a workaholic by trade. I love to write, and decided to buckle down and start a real blog, A semi-serious conglomerate of reviews, DIYs (because seriously, who doesn’t love the overwhelming plethora of DIYs on the internet)  and fascinating tidbits I find all over. Fair warning all: I love reading, movies, sewing, all things Disney, and dogs, not necessarily in that order.