Beauty and the Beast

I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a while now, and the I’ll admit, I risked spoilers to read reviews, listen to cast interviews, I even googled images of the set and actors, curious about the costumes and how the cartoon would translate to live action.

Naturally, I went to the first showing I could squeeze into my schedule, which happened to be early Friday evening. First thing I noticed? It was a beautiful movie, very detailed in the backgrounds and the costumes.

The opening dance was fun, and showed the incredible narcissism of the prince. It was more dynamic than the cartoon this movie is based on, where the prince who was turned into a beast was a child when it happened.

Which brings me to the next thing I noticed about the movie. Unlike Maleficent, Cinderella, Pete’s Dragon, and Alice in Wonderland, the other movies Disney has done a live action remake of, Beauty and the Beast stayed very close to the original. As in, much of the same narration and even some of the same lines, but the movie is about an hour longer than the original, with small plot changes that make the story more engaging, more interesting, and funny.

Seriously, watch this guy during the movie and listen to what he says.

He was a fairly brainless sycophant in the original, but this version of Lafou is almost sarcastic in his admiration and delivers some of the funniest comments throughout the movie.

Another awesome addition to the movie.

Female empowerment.

Belle makes things happen. If she doesn’t like something, she finds a solution. Like inventing a washing machine so she could have time to teach a little girl how to read.

I’d love to continue talking about this movie, and may write a longer review for the DVD release, (May not, I’m absent minded) but it occurs to me that most of you may not have seen it and I’d hate to ruin this movie for anyone.

But seriously, I love the movie.